It’s Going to be Okay

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One of the most difficult things for a homeschool mom to hear is criticisms about what we do all day during those years we are educating our children at home. In the tender years of homeschooling, when we were first getting our footing, I was often victim to the assumptions of others that I was watching soap operas and eating bon-bons all day.

As all homeschooling moms know, being home all day with your children is hard core, dirty-hands, in-the-trenches kind of work. There are no paid vacations, no holidays, no sick days and if there is a toddler involved, you may find yourself working for a ruthless dictator who is never satisfied. On top of the daily tasks of running a home, you also bear the tremendous responsibility of educating your children and instilling values within them to last a lifetime. A simple grocery trip during the day would cause me to have to explain why my children weren’t in school – as if children aren’t to be a part of our society between the hours of the school day. 

In the last 20 years since my journey as a homeschool mom began, while becoming less grass-roots and more mainstream, society has made small steps in their attitudes towards stay-at-home moms in general. A lot has changed in our culture that moves at a break-neck pace. Cell phones keep us in constant contact with one another. We can stream movies and binge-watch television shows. Amazon delivers in two days and we have a fresh cup of coffee at the touch of a button. Even when everything around us is getting faster and faster, some things still require time, hard-work and perseverance.

Raising children and educating them is one of those long-term investments homeschool moms make day by day as they take care of their homes and your families.

It is easy to feel discouraged and wonder if what you are doing is really making a difference. Please remember that the time and love and energy you put into your children is of immeasurable value.

BLG SZ - Its Going to be Okay verse - JS - HSLDA Blog - LIVE ON 06-22-15

Even when others don’t seem to understand, even when it feels like you are working so hard and nobody even notices, even when you find yourself in a conversation with someone who on finding you are a homeschooler says “I know someone that homeschooled once…”, even when the days are long and the kids are cranky and the dog’s water bowl got knocked over by the baby and you just stepped in it with your last pair of clean socks – it’s going to be okay. It won’t feel like it’ll be okay every single day, but just keep going. The Lord’s mercies are new every morning and He hasn’t missed a thing.

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