From Launch to Finish

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Rose talked the other day about how she delegates chores among her children. I’ve seen her kids in action—it’s a pleasure how she and her children get things done.

Guess what doesn’t even begin to work in my household?

My personality package doesn’t include much in the way of administration. If it were up to me to teach my kids how to run a household, their skill set would consist of:

Eating chips for breakfast because Mom isn’t a morning person.

As it is, my children can (according to age and ability) do laundry, wash dishes, take out trash, clean the bathrooms, mow the lawn, and cook a few simple suppers. They also are working at grade level or above in their academics. And it’s mostly due to Darren. He’s the one who can envision what needs to be done, research ideas, and come up with a plan to implement it.

So where does that leave me?

I wondered that as I read Rose’s post. I told Darren, “You’ve taught the kids their chores. You do all our school planning. That’s traditionally what the mom is supposed to do while the dad is at work… so what in the heck do I do?”

He replied, “You make it all happen.”

The more we talked, the more we realized an important truth about ourselves. And probably about a lot of other couples.

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Darren is the Launcher. I’m the Finisher.

Darren loves starting projects, but runs out of steam halfway through. If he were the one at home in charge of keeping things going, the progression would look like this:

Week One: Each child accomplishes his or her assigned tasks every day.

Week Two: Each child does a couple of chores on Monday and Thursday.

Week Three: Children eat chips for breakfast. Dad works on new plan.

After Darren launches an idea, though, I step in. I can take the plans and make them work. Not on a clockwork schedule, but however it suits us best that day. Generally speaking, it’s because of Darren that the kids have a full course of study and a chore schedule; it’s because of me that the chore schedule is still operational, and we’re actually finishing school.

It requires a lot of teamwork. We adjust, adapt, occasionally switch roles, and do a whole lot of talking.

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Obviously I’m enthusiastic about a couple working as a team, whether it’s chores, school, or parenting. (But not Scrabble. I like to win Scrabble.) But just like I can’t do things exactly like Rose does, I know that my brand of teamwork isn’t possible in every household. Sometimes you’ve got two Launchers or a couple of Finishers. Sometimes, for various reasons, you’re simply on your own.

So I’m interested to know—are you a Launcher or a Finisher? What works in your household?

And also—just for the record—chips make a great easy breakfast.


Photo Credit: First photo fromPixabay, graphic design by Charity Klicka; second photo from pixabay; third photo taken by Sara Jones.

What are your thoughts?

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