I Would Take a Bullet for You, My Child

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If you are a mom, you know exactly what I mean. Your child in danger, sick, hurt, bullied, afraid, or just plain sad, brings out a fearsome desire in you to rescue, protect, heal, alleviate and encourage, doesn’t it?

I don’t watch many YouTube videos, but I happened to see this one today and it touched me deeply. This woman’s story is a powerful demonstration of a mother’s fierce determination to protect her children.

This is the way God made us, moms. Our overwhelming desire to come to our children’s aid in their distress is a gift from our heavenly Father and a reflection of the protective, nurturing love He has for us as our Abba Father.

 It’s also probably a big part of the reason why we have chosen to home educate our children. I know it is for me. I want to keep them safe from the countless dangers, troubles, and heartache out there.

I grew up with a lot of legitimate fear, rejection, and pain. Because my father left our family when I was 11, my mom had to work two part-time jobs just to keep a roof over our heads. She did her best to provide love and care to me and my brother, but I nevertheless felt alone quite often.

It didn’t help that we lived in a part of town where I was bullied incessantly by a gang of tough, neighborhood girls in 7th-8th grade. They used to push me around at the school bus stop, call me really nasty names, and throw my schoolbooks on top of the convenience store roof (where I couldn’t get to them until a day or two later, in which time they sat soaking in a standing pool of water up there).

 If I got on the school bus before them, sitting up near the front (where I guess I thought I would be safe), they would sometimes walk by and press a sticky wad of chewed up gum in my hair right up at the top where it was plainly visible. I was so embarrassed I would quickly cut it out of my hair as soon as I got to school, leaving a little tuft of spiky hair that would take months to grow back out.

On top of that, between the ages of 9-13, I had an abusive birth father. Name calling, harsh physical punishment, and sexual abuse drove me to such a state of fear and anxiety I went from straight A’s to D’s in school. I couldn’t concentrate. I was depressed, and felt so very much alone and unworthy of being loved by anyone. My mom had no idea this was going on; I had no idea not every little girl went through this at the hands of their daddy.

God rescued me when He saved my mother. I was 13 and had been experimenting with marijuana, but I was considering taking other drugs because of my depression. I was having a hard time thinking of a reason to live. I must have told a neighbor girl I was contemplating overdosing because she immediately went and told my mom. Out came her fearsome desire to protect me (and not a little bit of anger as well!)

That’s when I just dumped four years of abuse at my father’s hands on her. The shock nearly drove her to make a desperate move of retaliation. Unbeknownst to her, God held her back, and then He opened her eyes to see her need for Christ as her Savior.

Within a couple weeks, our threesome family (my mom, my younger brother, and I) started going to church. There I heard the gospel for the first time and can resonate with that famous hymn, And Can It Be:

Long my imprisoned spirit lay,

Fast bound in sin and nature’s night;

Thine eye diffused a quickening ray—

I woke, the dungeon flamed with light;

My chains fell off, my heart was free,

I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.

My chains fell off, my heart was free,

I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.

Having a mother who sacrificially loved me as a child made a difference in my life, especially when both she and I had surrendered our lives to the Lord. She purposed to nurture and protect me in God’s grace and power, and I am forever thankful.

When I became a mother myself, that same intense desire for my children moved me to pray continually for them, which I do to this day. It also made me carefully weigh how I raised my kids, wanting to balance protecting them with trusting God.

I can’t say I’ve always done this well. I still succumb to fear and anxiety where they are concerned. But after being a mom for over 27 years, I think I’m at least learning to trust God more and more with their lives, their minds, and their hearts. Just don’t try to get between my babies and me.  🙂

Enjoy the journey … there’s no place like home,

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Photo Credit: Photo taken by Shlomit Wolf, graphic design by Charity Klicka.

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