Slowing Down for the Important Things

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In my last post, I talked about being in a hurry and rushing my kids and being convicted by that. 

Along that same vein, I recall a time when I was rushing and almost missed an important, beautiful opportunity. 

My older two kids have been going to a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) program for school-aged children on Monday evenings with their grandfather. I love this because, not only are they getting more bible teaching and being encouraged in their faith by other adults and children, they also get to spend precious time commuting with their grandfather. He is investing in their lives in a positive way, and encouraging them spiritually, and I am thrilled by this. I know it will pay off. 

Grandpa drives them to BSF. But it’s my job to help them with their BSF homework. We tend to do the lion’s share of the BSF homework on Tuesday mornings. We also have our piano teacher come at 9:30 on Tuesday morning. Yes, I know that’s early. But he teaches a lot of homeschool students and that was a good time for both him and us. (Ah, the flexibility of homeschooling!)  

Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, but I usually like to get BSF done before our piano guy comes. It’s usually a very attainable goal, but sometimes I do feel like it ends up being a little rushed at the end. 

One morning we were talking about the Passover and the Israelites preparing to leave Egypt. Being mindful of the time and the schedule, I kept clipping along.

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Here’s the problem. When we rush to do the immediate thing, with the next thing in mind, we are not fully living in the present and we may miss good learning opportunities. That’s not to say the schedule doesn’t matter. But the schedule is simply a conduit to living well, it’s not the main point of life. (I am mostly preaching to myself, here!)

In the middle of my clipping along, my bright-eyed, seven-year-old daughter asked a question that related to the Passover. It was such perfect segue to discussing how Christ is our Passover Lamb. There is such rich symbolism and meaning in that story. And it could have been a missed opportunity. 

Could there be anything more important than taking time to talk to my child about the eternal things related to her salvation and her soul? 

It’s not about getting through the material. It’s about getting through to the heart. 

I felt some guilt wash over me because of my tendency to push through the task at hand. How foolish would it be if I checked off my to-do list for the day but lost my daughter’s soul? 

So, I stopped myself. I made a conscious decision that we would not finish the BSF homework before our piano teacher arrived. 

What’s more important: checking off “get BSF homework done” or having a meaningful conversation with my daughter about Christ being her personal savior and providing atonement for her sins? 

Relationships are more important than tasks. My daughter’s relationship with God is most important of all. All the details, and the daily busyness, can keep us from the big picture, and the most important things, sometimes.  

I thank God for the opportunity to discuss atonement with my daughter. And I thank God that he atones even dense people, like me.


Photo Credit: First photo taken by Niklas Rhöse, graphic design by Charity Klicka; second photo via Microsoft Images, edited by Charity Klicka.

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