What Homeschool Teachers Really Want on April 23!


First of all, you’re probably wondering what is so important about April 23, huh?


Well, April 23 just so happens to be Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day. And we here at HSLDA want to help you, homeschool teachers, celebrate that special day! This entire week well be sharing encouraging content on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter thats geared towards the hardworking homeschool moms and dads around the world!

We want you to know youre valued and that what youre doing matters. Furthermore, we want to help you celebrate Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day in style.


HSLDA’s homeschool mom bloggers share ways they would like to celebrate and be appreciated on April 23 (and beyond).

Amy Koons:

1.      Some time off, shopping by myself!

2.      Older kids to help keep the younger ones happy so I can get stuff done around the house.

3.      Homemade kids’ cards.

4.      My nine-year-old to make me a Keurig coffee in the morning.

Sara Jones:

1.      Kids do school without whining

2.      Chocolate

3.      A “Thank you!”

4.      Husband to make assignments and check up on them that day.

Here’s a really fun idea from Julie Schnatterly:

This might sound a little crazy – but once my friends and I conspired to give ourselves nearly a week off.  We took turns hosting *school* for one day in a week at our house. The other four moms could drop the kids off at a different house every day that week and we could go home, run errands, or go to a bookstore and drink coffee without a million interruptions. Moms could go together or could split up!  It was fun, but it took a lot to organize, and the kids had to be old enough.  With smaller children you would want two moms or at least a mother’s helper to supervise the children.  The kids can bring their pre-scheduled assignments – or the moms can host activities like science projects or outdoor activities that would be especially fun for a group – so it’s also something the kids can look forward to doing as well.  The host mom provides lunch, etc.”

Rachelle Reitz:

1.     Kids to clean their rooms without complaint.

2.     Dad to work with the kids to come up with a dinner plan and execute it.

3.     Everyone to pick up the house on their own.

I would love to see the non-primary teacher (Dad, in our case) come in and do the teaching for a day while the primary teacher (Mom) gets a day off to plan or focus on household tasks that get neglected in the day-to-day.


1.     Remember that you can’t do it all. So do your best, and seek help from other homeschool teachers.

2.     There are so many homeschool teachers going through the same trials and triumphs that you have in your homeschooling journey. So take courage in knowing that you’re not doing this alone.

3.     Homeschooling looks different for every family. So embrace the style and rhythm that works best for you and not what someone else says will work for you.

4.     Take a moment out of each week to stop and see how much progress your kids have made, and not how much you have left to do.

5.     In the crazyness of your homeschooling journey, remember to take time to do what you love.

For more ideas to celebrate April 23, and to help you along your homeschooling journey, check out HSLDA’s Pinterest, including our boards For the Teacher, For the Moms, Family Time, and Homeschool Encouragement. Plus, go check out Apologia’s Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day page for special offers through out the day of the 23, as well as lots of giveaways  (including some items from the HSLDA Store), and free webinars!

Be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or right here on the blog some ways that you’re celebrating the 23! And if you’re a child, or the non-primary teacher in the family, we’d love to hear some ways you celebrate and appreciate your teacher! Plus, stay tuned for a really fun giveaway coming to the blog in the next few days. 

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