When High School is Just Around the Corner

BLG SZ - When High School is Just around the Corner - Carol B - HSLDA Blog

For parents who realize that middle school will soon be drawing to a close, HSLDA has some great resources to help you prepare for the challenge of homeschooling through high school, understand the personal and academic records you should keep, and begin the process of developing a 4 year plan for your teen.

Diane Kummer and I speak on high school topics at many homeschool conferences around the country. Check out the HSLDA 2015 speaker calendar to see if we will be in your area soon. At these conferences and workshops, we hand out several HSLDA brochures, which we highly recommend.

1. There are real benefits of homeschooling during these critical four years, and you will find links for basic resources by reading You Can Homeschool through High School.

2. If you wonder how to decide between a general high school track or a college prep track, are uncertain about the high school records you should keep, or need guidance on documenting extracurricular activities, then all this will seem less daunting after you read >> A Guide for Homeschooling through High School

3. Become informed about the academic performance of homeschooled students by reading the Homeschool Progress Report, which summarizes the results of the most comprehensive study of homeschool achievement to date.

4. Begin the process of developing a 4-Year Plan for your teen after reading the September 2014 issue The Four-Year Plan Form:  Batter Up for the Big Leagues. HSLDA members and non-members can sign up to receive this free monthly newsletter on homeschooling topics of interest.

5. HSLDA serves the broader homeschooling community by offering comprehensive information available at HSLDA’s Homeschooling thru High School website. All of the resources I’ve just listed here are found on this web page.

When High School is Just around the Corner - Carol Becker - HSLDA Blog

Both Diane and I have homeschooled all our children through high school, and all have graduated from various colleges and universities. We have a passion to help parents homeschool their teens through high school.

You can do this!

Working with a high school consultant is one of the many benefits of being an HSLDA member.

-Carol Becker

Photo Credit: all graphic design by Charity Klicka.

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