Homeschool Now USA | Promoting Homeschooling During School Choice Week


What better way is there to welcome in the New Year than the opportunity to choose a school for your children? Should you choose public school, private school, or perhaps a charter school? How about homeschooling? There are many options to choose from. And with School Choice Week coming up January 25-31, we’re here to encourage parents nationwide that they can homeschool!

Homeschool Now USA (HNU) is an independent nonprofit coalition of homeschool organizations that are dedicated to unifying homeschoolers in a shared mission to promote homeschooling during School Choice Week.

HNUToday, parents who seek educational options face a new challenge. With all the voices debating methods and philosophies of education, it is often difficult to get past the assumption “I could never homeschool.” But HNU is here to tell you that “You can homeschool!” It is their goal for homeschoolers across the country to speak in a loud, unified voice, reaching Americans who may not know that homeschooling is a feasible option and encouraging more families to educate their children at home.

HNU’s short-term goal is to provide resources and national marketing to more than 500 homeschool information meetings coming up across the country in just two weeks, then work to build on that number every year. HNU has provided printed and downloadable information, tips, and tools for hosting an event on their website.

But we need your help!

HSLDA, Apologia, Classical Conversations, and the Home School Foundation are the founding sponsors of HNU. But guess what? You can be a sponsor too! Join with national advocacy groups, homeschool vendors, and a wide array of homeschool support organizations by becoming a sponsor of HNU.

Another great way to get on board with HNU is through hosting an event during School Choice Week. We need your encouraging voice out there to tell others that homeschooling is possible! That yes, “they can homeschool!”


Maybe you are wondering if homeschooling is a good choice for your child? Well a great way to find out is to simply attend a homeschool event during School Choice week. At these local gatherings, you’ll meet real homeschool parents who can answer your questions about this educational option.

Be inspired by checking out what other homeschooling parents are saying about why they started homeschooling in 2014 and what it means for their families:

My youngest is the reason we decided to home school, with complex medical needs, this was the best choice for our family. What a blessing that my two daughters get to spend so much precious time together, there is no greater blessing than watching them grow and learn together.” – AB

We started homeschooling our 8 year old September 2014, and it was the best decision EVER! Now, we have peace in our hearts, my son loves learning again, and it’s a blast. WE LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!” – LB

We have become passionate about homeschooling, as have our kids. Homeschooling is a blessing to us, for many reasons, but the 2 most important reasons, are FREEDOM and TIME! I could go on about how they play a huge role in our new lives as a homeschool family. God has blessed us with a Great homeschool support group, and although we still face some criticism, we see those as opportunities to show them the blessings of homeschooling!”VD

We have homeschooled in the past, but due to a scare with my own father’s declining health, we decided to pull all three of our children from public school and we are now homeschooling them. Best decision we have ever made. In less than a year our children have grown leaps and bounds academically. We couldn’t be more proud. Homeschooling truly is the best for our family.” –JS

We started in September 2014. It has always been on our hearts to homeschool and after attending private Christian school and two different public schools, we knew that home was where our children needed to be. We felt led to take charge of our children’s education and believe that we can foster a much healthier development into adulthood with them under our constant loving care and guidance. Our son also has struggled with ADHD and we have been able to support him and allow him to learn in an environment that can be flexible to his needs, without the use of medication! Our family has been so blessed by the decision to homeschool and we feel so thankful that we accepted Gods calling to do this for our family!”MR

We’d love to hear why you love homeschooling! Join us in this nationwide campaign to promote home education and to strengthen the foundations of our nation! 

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