Senior Project Ideas

Senior Project Ideas | HSLDA Blog

Some public and private schools require students who are seniors to complete a senior project in an area of interest. Although not a requirement for homeschoolers, as a homeschool parent you may want to assign your teen a senior project that provides him with a capstone experience prior to graduation.

Start by checking websites of high schools that require senior projects for their students.

For example, this website gives a clear definition of a senior project: “The Senior Project provides students with the opportunity to conduct an in-depth exploration of personal interests and demonstrate skills necessary to meet the challenges for future employment.” It also provides ideas for projects, and the Student Handbook on the website offers much helpful information when structuring a senior project. The website also offers project guidelines and a judging criteria checklist that you can use as a template when designing your own.

Usually, a senior project includes selecting a topic, writing an in-depth paper, choosing a mentor from whom to learn and gain practical knowledge in the area of interest, and giving an oral presentation to culminate the learning experience.

This high school’s senior project guidebook provides a list of ideas for senior projects.

Working on a senior project is good preparation for college bound students. Some senior projects may have the added benefit of including community service/volunteering as part of the endeavor. A senior project may be a great co-op class option as students work on the project as a group rather than individually.

If you decide that a senior project may be an interesting and educational experience for your teen, I hope these resources give you a starting place to gather ideas.


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