Designing an Elective Course || Photography, Anyone?

Designing an Elective Course - Photography Anyone - Diane Kummer - HSLDA Blog

Teaching high school at home enables your teen to choose from a limitless number of elective course options. There is an abundance of curriculum available in many different subject areas. But if you can’t find pre-packaged materials, consider designing a course from scratch. As an example, let’s design a photography course!

I did a quick internet search and found many interesting websites that offered a wealth of ideas, lesson plans, and even an online photography course.


>> Free online photography courses from open education consortium (you’ll want to be discerning if your teen uses these courses – they are college level and due to the subject matter may or may not be appropriate) 

>> Nikon has some learn and explore items on its website.

>> I don’t have any first hand experience with these photo classes, so I cannot recommend them, but this website may be one for you to explore. It offers 30 day photography classes for a reasonable fee.

>> This homeschool photography course also looks like a good one to explore.

>> This may be a good photography resource book


>> Homeschool Photography Lesson Plan

>> Free Photography Study Unit

I hope these resources provide you with a good starting place to design a photography elective or check out online course alternatives for your budding teen photographer..  


Photo Credit: Photo via Pixabay, graphic design by Charity Klicka.

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