Celebrate Homeschool Day with Dolphin Tale 2

Celebrate Homeschool Day with Dolphin Tale 2 - CK - HSLDA Blog

Winter’s amazing true story … now has hope.

It’s been 3 years since Dolphin Tale, produced by Alcon Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, hit theaters September, 2011. Reaching number 1 in its second week in theaters, Dolphin Tale sparked great interest in the homeschool community because the main young female part (Hazel Haskett) was played by homeschooler Cozi Zuehlsdorff. This stirring true story inspired and touched many hearts through its cinematic portrayal of the friendship between a boy, Sawyer Nelson, and a dolphin, Winter, whose tail was lost in a crab trap.

Celebrate Homeschool Day with Dolphin Tale 2 - 2 - CK - HSLDA BlogNow that September 2014 has rolled around, prepare to be inspired again! Dolphin Tale 2, the sequel to the amazing true story of Winter the dolphin, is coming out in theaters September 12. Coming back to the big screen are your favorite actors such as Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., and Nathan Gamble. And guess what? I’ve had the privilege of previewing this sequel and am going to share a few glimpses of the movie with you before it hits theaters.

:: Spoilers Ahead ::

The movie begins; the screen is black. You hear a young female voice laughing and what sounds like someone splashing in water. Then it starts getting light, and the screen comes into focus. You see a little blonde girl playing on the shore of what looks like a beach somewhere south. She’s squealing and splashing in the shallow water lapping the shore, digging her little toes into the gritty sand. You hear what sounds like her brother calling her as he runs up to her, telling her it’s time to go.

Suddenly the camera focuses on a sand dune some way off from the shore; you hear high pitched sounds and see something struggling on the dune. The little girl drops her bucket of shells and screams as she realizes it’s a dolphin stuck on the dunes. Scenes change and everything is moving in slow motion. The voice of Sawyer Nelson comes over the speakers and you see the crew from the Clearwater Marine Hospital grabbing their gear for a rescue, concentrated and anxious expressions on their faces. Sawyer starts talking about dolphins, and how we can’t know for sure what sort of emotions dolphins have but that they touch the human heart in very intimate ways.

The scene then ends with the Clearwater crew, having rescued the dolphin, settling her into a new home at the Clearwater Marine Hospital.

Celebrate Homeschool Day with Dolphin Tale 2 - 3 - CK - HSLDA Blog


In Dolphin Tale 2, several years have passed since young Sawyer found Winter caught in a crab trap on the coast of Florida. The devoted team at Clearwater Marine Hospital, headed by Dr. Clay Haskett, has been able to expand their Marine hospital to make room for rescuing, restoring, and releasing sea animals in danger.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, so I’ll just add that a dramatic event occurs at the Clearwater Marine Hospital that sends Sawyer and Winter’s world into a spin. There are ups and downs throughout the movie that the protagonists have to learn to overcome, and there is one big tension that arises that puts their moral sense of right and wrong to the test.  Through it all, Sawyer and his friend Hazel Haskett learn the importance of family and close friends, and the value of life. The cinematography is also well-done, and creates visually appealing scenes and good water effects, as well as depicts key moments in the movie by underwater shots as if seeing through the dolphin’s eyes.

Celebrate Homeschool Day with Dolphin Tale 2 - 4 - CK - HSLDA Blog

Another great reason to see Dolphin Tale 2 in theaters is that Cozi Zuehlsdorff does a phenomenal job at playing Hazel Haskett, homeschooled daughter to owner of Clearwater Marine Hospital, Dr. Clay Haskett. Cozi landed her first principal role as Hazel in Dolphin Tale 3 years ago. A bright, radiant, and talented actress, Cozi has been homeschooled all her life. She loves the Lord, has a passion for singing, playing the piano, and working with children. Cozi’s passion for singing translates into Dolphin Tale 2, where Cozi wrote and sang “Brave Souls” which can be heard playing over the end credits.

Over on the Home School Heartbeat this week, Cozi talks with Dr. Michael Farris about her acting career, her love of telling stories, and her passion to see her generation break into the world of film. Listen to the entire broadcast here, My CoStar Is a Dolphin: An Interview with Cozi Zuehlsdorff.

All in all, Dolphin Tale 2 is a must see for you and your children! You’ll be able to relate to real life events and struggles, and I can guarantee you’re children will absolutely love Winter by the end of the movie. Plus, going to see Dolphin Tale 2 is also a great way to celebrate Homeschool Day (September 12)!

AND the Homeschool Movie Club is providing an opportunity for you to download the FREE Dolphin Tale 2 curricula by Apologia and other resources to help you organize your own Homeschool Day 2014! Hope to see you in theaters September 12!


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