Back to Homeschool – GIVEAWAY and Ideas

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas - CK - HSLDA Blog

Well it seems that summer has flown by, and the beginning of the fall semester is nearly here. Pretty crazy, huh? Having been a Highschool grad and now studying as a college sophomore, I know that exciting and nervous feeling that we all get around this time of year when it comes time to plan for the next school year.

Moms, veterans and first-time-homeschooling moms alike, I know it can be nerve-racking and at most daunting to take on the planning of your child’s schooling. But guess what? I’m here specifically to help you make that transition from those long, lazy summer months into a more rigorous school schedule.

Below I’ve compiled a list of goodies to get you started right on your homeschool schedule. Plus, I’m also providing you with all the details about HSLDA’S Back to Homeschool Giveaway!

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas 2 - CK - HSLDA Blog

We all know getting to homeschooling can be a hassle, so why not try some of these quick no-hassle recipes to get you and your kids energized and excited for the new school year!


One-Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls

Stovetop Sausage Mac and Cheese

Cheesy Chicken Bacon Broccoli and Rice

Rainbow Thai Chicken Salad

No-Knead Bread


Cake Popsicles

Homemade Healthy Butterfingers

Mini Caramel Apples (what with autumn fast approaching n’ all)

Greek Yogurt Snack

No-Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas 3 - CK - HSLDA Blog

Here are a few tips and helpful pointers to get you started off right!

Resources for the New School Year & Options for Curriculum for the Next School Year

Electives to Spice Up Your Teen’s High School Program

Creating a Course Description

Tips for Choosing Your Curriculum

How Can I Possibly Teach High School Courses?

Reading Lists for Teens (Part 1 and 2)

Memory Strategies to Remember

Opportunities for Struggling Learners

Treasure Trove of High School Help and Resources

Ideas for Teen Writing Projects


Navigating College Application Deadlines

Planning the College Visit

What Factors Do Colleges Use for Admission?

Preparing Your Teen for College and Job Interviews

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas 4 - CK - HSLDA Blog

Fun crafts to begin the school year!

Colored Staples DIY

Responsibility Pins (keeping kids and mom on track with chores, tasks etc)

Fun Button Thumb Tacks DIY

Ideas for Throwing a Back to Homeschool Party

Back to School Binder Cover Designs

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas 5 - CK - HSLDA Blog

Calling all homeschooling families: You could win a free laptop . . . and more!

Whether you are eager to dive into studies or still savoring every last moment of summer fun, HSLDA’s giveaway offers something for everyone to get excited about. Don’t miss your chance to win asome really great prizes!

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas 6 - CK - HSLDA Blog


-One New Laptop Computer

-Gift Certificate for One Year of HSLDA Membership

-One HSLDA Student Photo ID Card

-One HSLDA Teacher Photo ID Card

Enter HERE and don’t forget to share with your friends!

May the Lord bless you as you embark on this next school year!

What are your thoughts?

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