Summer Fun and Learning | Tips for Your Homeschool Summer Vacation

Summer Fun and Learning | Tips for Your Homeschool Summer Vacation | HSLDA Blog

Are you already thinking about what you will do with your children over the summer to keep them engaged in learning and challenged? Do you want to create some fun memories along the way?

Here are a few tips that will hopefully inspire you and get you geared up for your summer, homeschool “vacation”:

  • Check out special day camps and summer activities through your local parks and recreation and community of faith
  • Go on some of the local field trips and do learning experiences that you perhaps did not have time to get to (perhaps due to weather, illness, life circumstances, and schedules)
  • Listen to books on audio as a family when traveling
  • Allocate specific days to go to the pool, library story time, park, or picnic areas
  • Plan some family bike rides or hikes
  • Try a “new” activity such as art, dance, exercise, or music lessons
  • Play some of the board games that are stashed away in your cabinets
  • Plan to do some fun outdoor cookouts and backyard campouts
  • Have an outdoor family/neighbor movie night or bonfire
  • Plant a garden and share the harvest with neighbors and elderly in the community
  • Check into and participate in a community outreach or service project
  • Read aloud books, classic literature, or new books out just for fun!

Be sure to stick to some of your regular “school time” schedule (or modify it) for the summer. And also have your children keep up with their daily chores. Kids do well with routine and can become bored or restless, so they will benefit from this and so will you.

Enjoy your summer with your kiddos!


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