Homeschoolers Push Back against Restrictive Rules

Homeschoolers Push Back against Restrictive Rules - DD - HSLDA Blog

When it comes to protecting parental rights and homeschool freedom, HSLDA and its members make a pretty potent team.

For proof consider the latest news out of Nebraska: “State Ed Department to rethink changes to home-school rules”

In short, homeschool activists have convinced state education officials to reconsider changes they wanted to make in response to a state Supreme Court case–a case argued and won by HSLDA.

The legal battle centered on rules governing when parents must notify state officials of their intent to homeschool. The controversy arose in 2011 when a family waited until November to start homeschooling. They were subsequently charged with truancy.

You can read more about the trial here: “Thackers Win in Nebraska Supreme Court.” 

Homeschoolers Push Back against Restrictive Rules 2 - DD - HSLDA BlogThe downside of the court victory are the restrictive changes since proposed by state officials. The most noteworthy of these changes would require students to remain in accredited public or private schools for up to 30 days, until they receive an official “acknowledgement” letter from the state, before parents could begin teaching them at home.

HSLDA informed homeschoolers of these potential restrictions and is working with Nebraska Christian Home Educator’s Association to rally opposition.

You can read HSLDA’s action e-lert on the issue here: “Tuesday: The Battle for Homeschool Freedom Comes to Grand Island, Scottsbluff, and Lincoln.” 

The battle, of course, continues. But you can be sure HSLDA and our members will keep fighting!

Written by HSLDA’s Dave Dentel

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