Common Core – How Does it Affect You?

Common Core - How Does it Affect You 2 - CK - HSLDA Blog


Common Core proponents offer upbeat descriptions of utopian educational goals along with detailed practical lists of what students should know and be able to do in grades K–12 in mathematics and English language arts. But those goals and standards are just two facets of the conglomeration of federal funding, preschool–workforce invasive student tracking, and one-size-fits-all computer-based learning that has become the Common Core.

We’ve taken a closer look at how the Common Core got started, who’s behind it, and what it will mean to homeschoolers.

Years of federal spending have proven that centralized education does not work. The only way to give students a better education is to return control to parents and local schools!

Common Core - How Does it Affect You - CK - HSLDA Blog

David Coleman, president of the College Board, and Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman, spent an hour on the phone discussing HSLDA’s position on the common core. Here is a snippet of Dr. Farris’s write up of his conversation:

 “[Mr. Coleman’s] initial presentation walked me through several features of the Common Core. From a pedagogical perspective, there are clearly some good ideas contained in it. When it came time for me to respond, I began with a story. I once testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee when Senator Joseph Biden was chairing a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee. Before I began, Biden asked me, ‘I have a question for you. Is it your idea to force everyone to homeschool?’

I told Senator Biden that such an idea would be anathema to HSLDA and to me. We simply want to protect the right to choose homeschooling for those who wish to pursue it.

I told Mr. Coleman that the point of the story was this: Just because you have a good idea (homeschooling in my case, Common Core in his case), it doesn’t mean that it is appropriate to force everyone in the country to follow your idea. And that is my central problem with the Common Core and all forms of centralized educational planning.”

Read the rest of David Coleman and Michel Farris’s conversation on the Common Core HERE.


Visit HSLDA’s Common Core website to educate yourself and others about the issues of the Common Core.

HSLDA is actively working on this issue to protect homeschooling freedoms. But the Common Core can only be stopped if citizens in every state demand that their representatives block the standards.

What are your thoughts?

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