Hope for Colorado Homeschool Families Harmed by Wildfires

Hope for Colorado Homeschool Families Harmed by Wildfires - CK - HSLDA Blog

Hundreds of homes in Colorado have been scorched by wildfires last week with still more in the path of these devastating flames. Already the Home School Foundation, HSLDA’s charitable arm, has been notified of several homeschool families who have lost their home and school materials as a result of the fires.

HSF can help. But only through your prayers and support.

Because of generous donations to HSF’s Compassion Emergency Response, a program to help homeschool families impacted by a natural disaster, we can provide some relief to these families by replacing textbooks, teaching materials, and basic school supplies.

Here’s what you can do! If you, or a homeschool family you know, have been affected by these fires, please contact HSF. If you would like to help homeschoolers rebuild after a disastrous event, please donate to the Compassion Emergency Response Fund. Curriculum donations can be made to The Book Samaritan at booksamaritan@sbcglobal.net.

Families affected by the fires can find immediate local assistance including evacuation locations and help moving pets at Colorado Black Forest Fire 2013.

Together, we can encourage these families as they rebuild their lives.

Spread the word about HSF’s Compassion Emergency Response, and continue to lift up the families affected by the fire in your prayers as they begin the recovery process.

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