18+ Reasons Why I Homeschool

18 Reasons

Every once in a while I come across an article I just have to share. This spring, like I do each year at this time, I’ve been thinking about why I homeschool my children. It helps me remember the benefits and blessings at the time of our school year when I am usually feeling most like a failure. I was actually planning on writing down a list of reasons to share here on the Everyday Homeschooling column. Then I read today’s article on the Childrens MD site.

Medical doctor, Kathleen Berchelmann shares 18 reasons why she homeschools her children. With few exceptions, I loved her reasons. Several of them are the same reasons I have been teaching my children at home for the past 22 years. I’ve included the link to the article HERE (each point has her added comments), but I also feel it is worthwhile to post her list here. At the end of her list, I’ve added a few more of my own.

I hope this wonderful list of reasons why we homeschool resonates with you, or at least gives you some of the benefits you perhaps haven’t considered before!

From Kathleen Berchelmann’s “18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children” on ChildrensMD.org, March 25, 2013:

  1. We spend less time homeschooling each day than we used to spend driving.
  2. We can’t afford private education.
  3. Our kids are excelling academically as homeschoolers.
  4. Homeschooling is not hard, and it’s fun!
  5. Use whatever public school services you like.
  6. I like parenting more, by far.
  7. Our family spends our best hours of each day together.
  8. We yell at our kids less.
  9. Our kids have time for creative play and unique interests.
  10. We are able to work on the kids’ behavior and work ethic throughout the day.
  11. Get rid of bad habits, fast.
  12. Be the master of your own schedule.
  13. Younger children learn from older siblings.
  14. Save money.
  15. Teach your kids practical life skills.
  16. Better socialization, less unhealthy peer pressure and bullying.
  17. Sleep!
  18. Teach kids your own values.

And here are a few extra reasons of my own:

19. Encourage your children to be who God made them. Beyond their main academic studies, they can pursue the things they have a passion for, which can include extra learning opportunities, mentorships, part-time jobs, special trips and missions work, etc. My son John has been able to pursue acting, my daughter Charity has been blogging since she was 13 (now almost 18), and my daughter Megan took an entrepreneur workshop when she was 14, and is now, at 21 with a degree in business management, a branch area manager for a large company.

20. Take difficult or easy subjects at your kids’ own appropriate pace. If one or more of my children struggle with an academic subject, they can progress more slowly without feeling like a failure. If they are exceptionally gifted in a subject, they can race ahead, not be held back, and finish early. Either way, they are making progress and can feel good about that.

21. Gain a biblical worldview. This will NOT happen in a government school and may not even happen in a Christian school! I want my kids to know that God’s Word is authoritative and true, and it should shape how we think about our world and culture. How many kids do you know who think it is perfectly fine to live a homosexual lifestyle, have an abortion, or think our government has the right to tax a society to death, all because they weren’t taught the authority and content of God’s Word?

22. Model godly marriage and the joys of being a parent. Not only do our kids get to see a mom and dad who truly love each other and model (though imperfectly!) a Christ like love, they also have a wonderful opportunity to see a mom and dad who joyfully embrace God’s call to be parents who desire to raise children for God’s glory.

23. Demonstrate the reality of the gospel in the everyday of life. I love sharing the goodness and greatness of our Creator God with my children, but even on days when, as a mom I feel like pulling my hair out, having my children at home each day gives me a tremendous opportunity to show the sufficiency of the gospel. God accepts me as I am through His Son. I have His Spirit to help me, but I need Him every day. My strength always comes from Him, but His grace is always sufficient!

There’s no place like home,

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