Finding a Writing Mentor for Your Teen

Finding a Writing Mentor for Your Teen - Diane Kummer - HSLDA Blog

Are you looking to relieve some of the pressure you feel when evaluating your teen’s compositions? Would your teen benefit from a writing coach that provides helpful ideas to improve his writing skills and possibly provides some motivation to write? A Patrick Henry College writing mentor may be exactly what you are looking for!

Finding a Writing Mentor for Your Teen - Dianne Kummer - HSLDA Blog

A writing mentor (current student or graduate of PHC) comes alongside your teen and critiques his writing.  You as the parent work with the mentor to determine the guidance you would like the mentor to provide, the types of compositions you would like assigned to your teen, and the amount of time you’d like the writing mentor to work with your teen.  The program is very flexible and the cost is reasonable.  See more details Here.

The PHC Writing Mentorship Program may be just the spark that will encourage your teen’s enthusiasm for writing – and provide you with an objective analysis of your teen’s writing strengths and areas needing improvement.

And be sure to check out my other blog post on learning to evaluate your teen’s writing.


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