Making Connections | God’s Good Design in Disability

Making Connections - God's Good Design in Disability | HSLDA Blog

I enjoy the challenge of being an HSLDA Special Needs Consultant. At the end of a work day, my brain feels stretched~like I’ve had a terrific mental workout. I receive a wide variety of questions from our members. Anything from ‘What’s a good math program for a child who has dyscalculia?’ to ‘Can you tell me why I may need an IEP?’.

More and more, however, I have been asked if I know of any groups that offer support for families who have children with special needs. Many of these families belong to their local home school associations, but find that ‘they’re the only ones’ who have kids with special needs. They feel very alone and isolated. If you can relate, I’d like to tell you about a blog and facebook page that could be a blessing to you and your family. It’s called, Special Needs Homeschooling. The blog is written by Heather Laurie, a homeschooling veteran and mom to children with special needs. You can find her very active facebook page. I love getting newsfeed from this page. Heather will post a question that she’s received, and open it up for comments. Sometimes there will be 30-50 comments that are so very encouraging and helpful. I realize that ‘virtual’ friends aren’t for everyone, but since you’re reading this post, perhaps you see the benefit of connecting with people who are walking a similar path as you, even if you may never meet face to face.

I’d also like to connect you with an inspirational young woman named, Krista Horning. We (the Special Needs Consultant team) met Krista at a conference this past Spring. She was there with her parents, selling a beautiful book she wrote called, Just the Way I Am. Krista was born with Apert Syndrome, and has overcome many obstacles in her life. Her book uses photography and scripture to demonstrate ‘God’s Good Design in Disability’. Everytime I read it, I am moved to tears. Beginning September 10th, you can learn more about Krista by tuning in to her interview with Mike Farris on Home School Heartbeat. Mr. Farris said that it was the most touching interview he’s ever done. In fact, there are plans to make the entire, unedited version of the interview available on our HSLDA homepage.

I hope you’ll look for it, listen to the interview, and then buy the book. It is definitely a tool that will help people make the ultimate connection. I’m speaking of connecting with the God who made and loves us!


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