Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Transcript?

It would probably be scarier to yell “transcripts” in a room full of homeschool parents than to yell “fire”! At least it seems so from the number of questions and expressions of panic I receive from parents teaching their teens at home.

Let me help to put your fears to rest. Simply defined, a transcript is a record of the academic course work that a student completes during high school. It provides some personal info (name, address, phone, email) and the body of the transcript lists course titles, final grades, and credit earned for each course.  A grade point average is calculated for each year, and a cumulative grade point average is calculated when the student graduates. A summary can be shown at the bottom showing a grading scale (if desired), graduation date, and signature of the parent.

Take a look at these transcript samples.

Read more about grade point average (gpa) calculations:

And most importantly, if you are an HSLDA member, give me a call or email me with any specific questions you may have regarding transcripts.

We’ll slay that transcript dragon together!

-Diane Kummer

What are your thoughts?

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