Walking by Faith with a Faithful God

Walking by Faith with a Faithful God | HSLDA Blog

Hello from the newest member of the Special Needs Consultant Team. I became part of the HSLDA family back in January 2012, and I have to say that it has already been a most rewarding experience. I have loved being able to encourage our members. Prior to the fall of 2011, I had never even heard of HSLDA. Not only that, but I used to be a public school teacher. Yikes! What am I doing here??? Well, God has an interesting way of directing our paths, and preparing the way for us, even before we are anywhere close to changing direction.

Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” –Ephesians 3:20-21

This verse summarizes my life right now. You see, I didn’t used to be a home school mom, a stay at home mom, or a mom for that matter, but I wanted to be all of those things! For years, my husband and I struggled with infertility. We believed that God had called us to be parents, but we simply couldn’t figure out how He was going to make that dream a reality. For many years, we faced one obstacle after another. Job loss, major moves, sickness-including cancer made that period of our lives very difficult, to say the least. We determined, though, to praise God, and to trust Him to give us the desire of our hearts.

As the months turned to years and the years turned into more than two decades…I personally began to feel a little silly when I talked about having children- one day. Finally, after 21 years of marriage, we learned about Embryo Adoption. We began the process and in 2008, at the age of 42, I gave birth to my first child, Grace Elisabeth.

Three years later, we had our second frozen embryo transfer and were blessed with the birth of another girl, Karis Joy.

Walking by Faith with a Faithful God | HSLDA BlogThis past October, I took a huge step of faith and quit my job as a public school teacher so that I could stay at home with our girls. My husband said, “You’ve been teaching everybody else’s children. Now it’s time to teach our own.” It was true.  Over the past, 20+ years, I had taught a variety of grade levels and had many children in my care who were struggling learners or had learning disabilities. I’ve also worked as an early intervention specialist and as a tutor for a child with special needs. I enjoyed working with these children, and am grateful for the opportunity to have poured into their lives. But since coming home, I haven’t looked back. I say that my life is filled with moments of “ordinary wonderful stuff”.  I get exhausted some days. I am an older momma, you know! But even on the tough days, I’m thankful for the fulfillment of God’s promise in our lives.

How did I get here? Well, it seems that no matter where we’ve lived, God has brought precious friends into our lives who have been homeschoolers. Nine years ago He brought another home school mom, Faith Berens, into my life. I didn’t know it then, but God would eventually use Faith to introduce me to HSLDA.

Am I a home school mom now? Well, yes…sort of. Even as I write these words, I have tfawo of the most precious girls in the world, playing/learning at my feet. Well actually, they’re emptying the toy box. While they do, we’re developing vocabulary, learning to share, pretending, working on gross and fine motor skills, and classifying objects. Our school day is around the clock, as we take advantage of teachable moments during their early years. Many of you have a whole lot more homeschooling experience than I do, because I’m just starting out. But it’s my desire to be a support to you as we walk this journey together. If there’s one thing I could say to you today to encourage you, it’s this. Hold tightly to God’s promises.

He is faithful!


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