The Klicka Family | A Homeschooling Day in 2005

The Klicka Family - A Homeschooling Day in 2005 - TKM - HSLDA Blog

My family, 2005 (L. to R.) – Amy, Jesse, Chris, John, Bethany, me, Charity, Megan, Susanna

A Homeschooling Day in 2005:

  • 7:00AM – Kids already up, dressed, with beds made and rooms picked up, having their own devotions
  • 7:30AM – I’ve already gone for my prayer walk before this and have breakfast cooking—the savory smell of bacon and eggs wafts upstairs to the kids’ bedrooms, enticing them to come down for a yummy meal, where we’ll sit around the table together and read a Morning and Evening devotion by Charles Spurgeon, and a chapter from the Bible
  • 8:30AM – After heartfelt prayers and genuine worship in singing a hymn, we cheerfully go about our morning chores with thorough efficiency (can you hear us whistle while we work?)
  • 9:00AM – With just as much energy as we did our chores, we start our school day with prayer and delight, as we pour over science and history, tackle math, and discuss literature and grammar. The kids don’t get distracted or grow weary because we all know the benefit of studying and working hard, for the glory of God, of course!
  • NOON – It’s lunchtime, and we eat a healthy meal with everyone chipping in to help prepare it; then we sit around and look at art books or read poetry out loud
  • 1:00PM – In the afternoon comes independent study time, then nature journaling, baking, gardening, wood working, blogging, web design, piano or guitar practice, or any number of other activities—the goal is personal learning and development, with the focus being of delight-directed study; if any independent schoolwork needs to be done, this is the time. Delight directed study includes mom – while the kids are having their independent learning time, I am writing a blog entry or in my art journal, or am working on an oil painting or possibly spending time in the garden
  • 4:00PM – Late afternoon brings the opportunity for physical exercise—taking a walk with the dog, riding bikes in the neighborhood, or playing basketball or football in the yard; we love to be together, and our activity time is marked by playing fairly and building one another up
  • 5:30PM – Since the main course is already in the crock-pot, dinner’s a snap, and since dad’s at home, we use the time around the dinner table to talk about current events and theology, ending with Dad teaching a lesson from Scripture and all of us singing a worship song and praying together
  • 7:00PM – After evening cleanup, we might play a game together or, on Friday night, have a movie night with popcorn or ice cream.
  • 9:00PM – Bedtime is a sweet time of reading out loud to the children a chapter of a good book, like Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, or A Tale of Two Cities.
  • 10:00PM – Prayers, kisses & hugs, and “I love yous” end our day with the kids; and there’s still time left for a little romance between me and my husband…

Does this kind of a homeschooling day sound like a dream to you?

Maybe your day really does go something like this! As for me? Well, this is just my dream of our homeschooling day! If you want to know what a real day in our homeschool looked like in 2005, check back on Thursday!

There’s no place like home,

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