Homeschooling with God as the Director

Homeschooling with God as the Director - TKM - HSLDA Blog

Dear friends,

One weekend last year I was scheduled to speak at a state homeschool convention in New York and present four workshops to parents who teach or who are considering teaching their children at home. In addition to that, I was asked to give a short encouraging talk to homeschool leaders at the hotel the night before the convention started, as well as address an audience of 1500 for a homeschool graduation ceremony the last day.

Not only had I never spoken this many times at a convention, I went into the weekend low on human resources (having had to stay up all night before the trip because of some legal work I had a hard deadline on).  I knew I would be especially needy for God’s empowering strength to get through the weekend.

“My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:2

One obstacle after another presented itself at times, and each time I could only say, “Well, Lord, I don’t know how to get through this weekend, but You are faithful and promise to be my Helper. Please show me what You want me to do, and what you want me to watch You do!” I was having laptop and equipment problems; I was missing references for one of my talks. I had problems with the internet connection in my hotel which was interfering with finishing a PowerPoint presentation, etc.

As I reflect back on that weekend, I could clearly see how God was at work in the midst of my weakness and the problems that arose. I love, but never cease to be surprised by how God does things so unconventionally in our lives. He seems to delight in letting us feel our need, just so that He can show Himself strong on our behalf. I have seen God prove Himself faithful so many times that I’m convinced He will never forsake His own, but I never know how He’s going to work things out. Never. That doesn’t change His trustworthiness, however. It just gives Him a LOT of room to surprise us.

“Those who know Your name will trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.” –Psalm 9:10

The whole story of that convention weekend and all the unbelievable things that happened from a human standpoint, but that from God’s perspective were perfect, is too long to recount here, but suffice it to say, I constantly asked the Lord for help, and God continually provided, albeit, in very unconventional ways.

“You did awesome things that we did not expect.”Isaiah 64:3

Our homeschooling days are much the same, if yours are any like mine. We make our plans, but God seems to always be rewriting the script! Even still, His plans are always just what need—even if that need is to trust Him more, see His creative power at work, know that only He is in control and that we don’t need to be, etc.

I hope you are encouraged to remember that God is the Director of our lives, our stories, our family, our homeschool. It is hard work to resist the temptation to think that all of our children’s academics rest solely on our shoulders, or that their character training is exclusively up to us to inculcate. God is actively at work at ALL times to help us as we commit to do the hard work of educating and raising our children for the Lord, and the harder work of trusting God to direct every aspect of our parenting and homeschooling.

There’s no place like home,

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