College Bound | 4 Key Traits To Cultivate

College Bound - 4 Key Traits To Cultivate 2 - MG - HSLDA blog

Hi homeschooling moms! I hope that you’re having a great day so far.

Well, the grad party went great (other than the ice tea decanter breaking – spilling all over the kitchen floor) and the guys received a wonderful outpouring of love, good wishes, cards and gifts.

We’re still in a celebratory mode after eleven years of homeschooling and are so thankful for how God carried us through. As I’ve said before, With God’s help, we did it, and so can you!

To all of you who are contemplating whether or not to home school through high school – I highly recommend it! Is it easy? No. You’ll never hear me say that teaching at home is easy. But is it worth it? You bet! So take heart, hold fast and trust the Lord to bring you through.

Austin and Justin on graduation day, May 25, 2012. Next step, College!

Austin and Justin on graduation day, May 25, 2012. Next step, College!

Here are some traits that we’ve tried to cultivate through the years. Although we’ve made some blunders, these were the areas that we wanted to work on with the twins as they went through high school.

  • Diligence – in academics / taking rigorous courses throughout high school/ studying hard
  • Dedication – in music / seriously studying an instrument and growing in performance
  • Discipline – in athletics / being healthy through physical training and participation in sports
  • Devotion – in service to the Lord Jesus Christ, family, country and community

The next step? College… so I’ll share with you the twins’ plans for the fall in the next blog post. Very exciting!

May the Lord bless you today. Keep being a great mom!



Photo Credit: First photo by Dave Meier; second photo from MaryAnn Gaver.


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