The Importance of Having Meals Together

In the Evening at Sunset - Having Meals Together - MG - HSLDA Blog

Let’s say you’ve been teaching a good part of the day. All of a sudden, it’s getting close to 5:00 and you realize that  you have absolutely no ideas for dinner. And worse yet, you haven’t had time to grocery shop today. Ahhh! Boy, have I had that happen a million times…..

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about dinner (or supper) this summer. Do you eat a little later since we have more light, or do you stick with a tried-and- true time? Are you a planner, or are you like me, exploring the depths of the fridge and pantry to see what’s on hand and then coming up with something creative?

Our dinners seem to get later and later as the daylight increases in June. With the twins working at the local golf course as cart boys (minimum wage, but very hard work with a variety of tasks),  Jay and I like to wait until they arrive home so that we can eat together. And they walk in hungry and ready to eat!

All of you with teenagers can probably relate to the fact that it’s hard just keeping enough milk and cereal around for the ravenous appetites! Many nights I’ll make a pretty decent dinner, and a few hours later Austin and Justin are breaking out the cereal bowls. At 17, and 6’3. I guess it’s to be expected.

Even if the meal is extremely simple, we like to sit down together. A gourmet cook, I’m not. Tonight, it’s BLT’s and some corn-on-the cob from a local farm. We also eat a lot of pasta, salmon and chicken. In the winter, I like to make a lot of different soups. And no matter what we have, we always have a loaf of good bread on the table. My mom is Italian, so I learned early on that one just doesn’t skip the bread.

I’ve learned that cooking is less about the actual execution and more about the idea of what to make and then having those ingredients on hand. The problem arises during the hectic school days when at 4:00, you have absolutely no ideas of what to make! So what always helped me was to try to think ahead for a few days and plan on which night would be a good night for Italian food (in my book, there’s actually never a night that wouldn’t be good for Italian food!), seafood, or something like that.

I think the important thing isn’t really just the food, but the fact that we endeavor to sit down as a family, talk about the day, and share in one another’s lives by being together.  So, whether it’s sandwiches, scrambled eggs or stir-fry, you can enjoy the evening meal.

…Gotta run and get this dinner going…

And coming up soon, I plan on sharing with you about the twins’ plans for the future, so until then…keep being a great mom! God bless you.

Keep on,


Photo Credit: via Microsoft Images.

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