The Hunt for Scholarships

The Hunt for Scholarships | HSLDA Blog

Homeschoolers are often eligible for the same scholarships as public and private school students. But you may be wondering where you can find scholarship information.

START HERE (includes scholarship search engines):

 Competition and Scholarship Awards

More Competition and Scholarship Awards

 Financial Aid Info

Fastweb (matches your teens with hundreds of scholarships)

Some public school officials have no problem sharing with homeschoolers the scholarship info that it gives to its students. Call your local school or check its website to see if this information is available to you. If the school official is hesitant to share the info with you, then you may want to ask a family you know at the school for the information directly.  

Don’t be put off if the eligibility requirements seem to exclude homeschoolers. In many cases, the sponsors of the scholarship have simply not considered the category of homeschoolers, but would be open to homeschoolers applying. If a scholarship sponsor balks at allowing homeschoolers to apply, it is helpful to inform the sponsor that you are able to provide a transcript, ACT or SAT test scores, and other information similar to what public and private school students provide.

Check with your local library for scholarship books and ask if any information on local scholarships is available.

Happy hunting!


P.S Do you know of a scholarship that is open to homeschoolers that you would like to pass on?

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