Getting to Know Me | Introducing Diane Kummer to the HSLDA Blog

Getting to Know Me | Introducing Diane Kummer to the HSLDA Blog

Hello friends, and welcome to our blog!

I don’t consider myself an expert homeschool mom. Never did and never will.

I’m more of a “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” type of homeschool mom. My homeschool days were filled with fun, laughter, and tears. I cried a river of tears. Mostly because I’m prone to blubbering, but also because homeschooling was hard for me! I kept the Lord busy with my prayers and pleas for wisdom, grace, and energy.

My husband, Tom, and I have two grown children (25 and 28 years old) who we homeschooled from kindergarten through the day they tossed their graduation caps into the air. When I began, I knew only two other families who homeschooled. We slowly grew into a network of homeschoolers and then years later I found myself heading up a homeschool group of 190 families, and organizing support for high school families that offered review of high school plans and transcripts.

When my youngest graduated, I wanted to mount his high school diploma like a trophy on the wall. The only problem was that the diploma didn’t make it home from the graduation ceremony. A couple days after graduation, a friend saw me in the church lobby where the graduation was held and asked if I knew my son’s diploma was sitting in the “lost and found” basket. I laughed out loud. That certainly was an apt ending to my homeschooling years!

After I retired as a homeschool mom, I came on staff with HSLDA as a High School Consultant and for the past 7 years I’ve had the privilege of helping to develop HSLDA’s Homeschooling Thru High School program along with Becky Cooke. We give advice to members, write high school articles and a monthly newsletter, review homeschool curriculum, tend to the high school section of HSLDA’s website, and travel and speak at homeschool conferences nationwide.

On a personal note, my family continues to zigzag through life as we experience joys (a recent wedding!) and struggle through trials that test my endurance and my faith. One struggle at present is my husband’s unemployment. He was laid off one year ago, and development of a new business is going slowly. I like what Corrie ten Boom says: Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.  While awaiting answers to my prayers, I reflect on what I know to be true – God is awesome, kind, and wise – and I can trust His heart for me even when I don’t understand His ways.

Tom and I are empty nesters (except for a mother bird that the Lord blew into our nest, namely my mother-in-law, who now lives with us.) My daughter and son-in-law make their home on the west coast, and my son and his new wife live just up the road from us.

My beloved dog, Sage, recently died. She was almost 15 years old and we enjoyed her company for more than 13 years after rescuing her from Lab Rescue.

My house feels strange and empty, I fetch my own newspaper (this was her job and she did it with great delight!), and even though I know she’s gone, on some days I  still make the mistake of reaching for her leash before heading out the door for a walk. She died on my birthday, and with each year I know the Lord will replace my sadness with great reminders of the good gift Sage was to me.

In the coming days, we’ll get to know each other better. But for now, if you feel more “lost than found” on most days, I’d like to walk alongside of you during your homeschool journey. I’ll make some suggestions, throw out advice, and laugh with you. We’ll pray together on the tough days. It will be a blast!


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Diane Kummer.

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