… But This Piece of Paper Says I’m Qualified!

Dear friends,

In my early years of homeschooling, people would sometimes ask me if I had a college degree that qualified me to teach my children. I happen to have a degree in Music Education, but in all honesty, I don’t recall ever feeling like my college degree prepared me to homeschool! Perhaps you started homeschooling thinking way outside the box, but I was your typical, “Let’s recreate the classroom in our home” kind of homeschooling mom, at least in some ways.

I had little desks and chairs set up, along with our blackboard, globe, and metal, counter-mounted, adjustable pencil sharpener (okay, so I liked this in my classroom as a child). I even had a bulletin board with motivational borders around it for the different seasons. I know…I was kind of pathetic; as if these things would guarantee my children would learn better with them.

But This Piece of Paper Says I'm Qualified - TKM - HSLDA BlogMy degree in education didn’t prepare me for a daughter who could only read if she wasconstantly moving (or climbing on chairs), or a son who had a clear allergy to any kind of writing implement, or the child who had to speak, had to verbalize what she was learning in order to retain it (think how this added to the amount of time we homeschooled each day!)

It didn’t matter that our school actually looked kind of like a school. The bottom line is, I was in over my head. I was often unsure that I was actually teaching my children well, and equally sure I was leaving out crucial information they needed to know. My “piece of paper” with B.M.E. written on it certainly didn’t qualify me to teach. Having children reach junior high and high school age only added to my feeling unqualified and a bit timid at times.

Every year I’ve experimented with different curriculum and styles of learning, have prayed constantly for wisdom from the Lord, and have tried to learn from my mistakes. Further, I have devoted myself to studying my children–what has motivated them, discouraged or bored them, and how they have best retained information.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t the “piece of paper,” that degree that empowered me; it was the conviction of the Holy Spirit that God had called us to teach our children and lead them in His Word, that gave me the courage I needed to press on in the face of my insecurities.

It is in knowing that God was (and is) equipping me to do all He’s called me to as a homeschooling mom that kept me in the race back then, and still keeps me to this day, until all my children cross the finish line. On that day, there will be no doubt who gets all the glory.

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.” –2 Timothy 1:7

Press on, mom, knowing who has called you and who equips you—He is faithful!

There’s no place like home,

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