Bright Spots | GenJ Student’s Generous Donation

Birthday CandlesSophie Lohrman’s birthday was fast approaching. But instead of a typical birthday party of balloons, cake and confetti, Sophie had something different in mind. 

Only a few weeks before, Sophie had been in her room listening to a radio program called Adventures in Odyssey broadcasted by Focus on the Family. While listening to the program, Sophie heard about a fundraiser called rock-a-thon. This piqued her interest. Why not do a rock-a-thon for my eleventh birthday party? 

Gathering her homeschool friends, Hannah Close and Geneva O’Bannon, Sophie decided to do a rock-a-thon to raise money for a special organization. Mrs. Lohrman suggested they raise money for The Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Sophie happily agreed. “I thought it was a good cause,” Lohrman said, “I wanted to do it for all the kids that will never get a birthday.”

As the day of her eleventh birthday arrived, Sophie grew very excited and began to prepare for her fundraiser. During her birthday party, Sophie and her two friends rocked in rocking chairs for nine hours. At the same time, they watched movies and played with silly string. What’s a birthday party without movies and silly string, right?

At the end of the day, although tired, Sophie was thrilled. During the nine hours of the rock-a-thon, Sophie and her friends had taken pledges for every hour they rocked, raising over $500 for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. When the realization of how much money they raised dawned on Sophie, her first thought was, “Wow. I didn’t think so little could go such a long way,” she said. Excited with how much they had raised, Sophie, Hannah and Geneva promptly donated the money to Ann Coker, the Director of Client Services at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Brazil.

Although we might not realize it, a little certainly can go a long way when our heart is in it. Sophie Lohrman was only eleven, but she had a passion to help others and she put that passion in action. Sophie didn’t do it for attention or praise; she did it to make a difference in the world around her. Hard things are indeed possible to accomplish and overcome, if your heart is truly in it.

Photo Credit: Photo copyright HSLDA; Information from The Brazil Times.

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