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Use Your Gifts

Have you ever been given a gift that you never ended up using? I can think of a few. Most of them were fairly thoughtful and nice…They just didn’t end up being what I needed. Or I kept forgetting that I had them until after they were no longer usable. I always feel a bit […]

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A Family Project

My grandfather ate dinner with us many, many evenings when I was a kid. He was always quizzing us on our multiplication tables and the parts of speech. My parents homeschooled all of us kids for most of our schooling years. My grandfather loved to be involved in our schooling. Or maybe he was just […]


Making Merry Memories

I’ve noticed that my sense of adventure—possibly mirroring the seasons—tends to go in cycles. The pattern plays out something like this: *** We are bored. We have nothing on the calendar to look forward to, and our lives are dragging. We are afflicted with a rank case of cabin fever from being stuck with the […]


Advent Adventures

My husband is a church nerd. He truly enjoys church services, Scripture readings, and observing traditional feasts and seasons. Although he’s fine putting up the Christmas tree early in December and likes listening to Christmas music throughout the month, he still makes a distinction: Until December 25, we are not in the Christmas season. We’re […]


Academic Expectations

“We have to remember we are raising our children for heaven, not Harvard,” a sincere homeschool mom told me once. Another homeschool mom I know, who herself went to Princeton, said, “Well, I don’t think that the two things are mutually exclusive.” Yes! They are not mutually exclusive. My opinion is that we should strive […]


Smoke Filled Back Rooms

It’s commonly observed that a watched pot never boils. But based on my personal experience, an unwatched pot will come to a boil with astonishing and unexpected rapidity. In our house, the kitchen is located at the back of the house, meaning that much household business is conducted in actual smoke-filled back rooms. We have […]

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