Presidential Candidates go Back to School on Education Policy in New Hampshire PART 2 | HSLDA Blog

Presidential Candidates School Voters on Ed. Policy at 2015 Summits | Part 2: ESEA and the Department of Education

In a recent summit hosted by education nonprofit The Seventy Four, several presidential candidates were given the opportunity to elaborate on the details of their education policies. Needless to say, this gave us a goldmine of interesting quotes from some of the candidates—and we’ve just finished prospecting. (We covered the Common Core and Pre-K quotes […]

Grading Scales  | HSLDA Blog

Grading Scales

Homeschool parents often have questions relating to grading scales. What grading scale should I use? Do I show a grading scale on my teen’s high school transcript? Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you sort out your options relating to grading scales. When your children were in elementary or middle school, you […]

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